My running socks are amazing. Like 2,000 miles no blisters amazing.

Yesterday for Father’s Day I got a new pair of running socks.  I know, this is laughable to most, but hear me out.  I wanted them.  They were on my Amazon wish list.

There are no normal ordinary socks.  These are a replacement pair for a pair of socks I’ve run in for over 4 years.  Over 2,000 miles.  In that time, I have had no blisters.  Zero.

The socks, “Swiftwick – Aspire TWO, Micro-Crew Compression Socks for Endurance Sports” is what Amazon calls them, are amazing.

No, I am not sponsored by Swiftwick.  Have you even seen my marathon times?


I bought this pair at a TJ Maxx about 5 years ago. I had been running a bit, figuring that thick socks would be better for cushioning, etc.  Tried “thin” socks once, hated them.  They weren’t these socks.  But my thick socks were causing issues, so I bought this pair.  Literally, this pair.  I also bought a pair of the no-show version, but they were a bit smaller, and I don’t use them as much.  But I digress.

This pair of socks are so amazing.  Zero.  That is how many blisters I’ve had in the past 4+ years and over 2,000 miles logged.  Zero blisters.

I don’t understand what Olefin fabric, It’s won a Nobel Prize, blah, blah, blah.  All I know is, 2,000 miles, one pair of socks, no blisters.  Athlete’s foot.  No sweat.  (I meant to do that)

Running mileageI run 3x a week.  3 miles on Mondays and Wednesdays, and long runs on Saturdays.  This pair has always run the long runs, and one of the weekday runs.  I dare not even think of running without them.

The stitching is finally giving out at the top of the sock. No matter.  It doesn’t hinder the performance where it counts, on my feet.

I love to run when I travel and I have traveled the world with this pair of socks.  From Boston to Haiti to the Ivory Coast to getting lost in the fog early morning in Jerusalem.

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But now I have a new pair.  I figured that with the Chicago Marathon coming up with year on my calendar, it might be time.

What will I do with this old pair, you ask?  Continue to use them for my short runs during the week!

Over 4 years.  2,000 miles.  No blisters.  No athletes foot.  No holes.  No tears.

I’m a fan.

Get some here.


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