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American Express EveryDay® Credit Card Offer – 15,000 Membership Rewards

If you don’t pay your credit card bills off each month, please don’t read any further.

If you do, it might be a benefit to you, (and to me too), for you to read this post below, and the disclaimer below.

Amex EveryDay® Credit Card  (referral link)

Basics: 15,000 Membership Reward Points for spending $1,000 over 3 months (actually 16,000 one you figure in the 1,000 points from spending)

This is a credit card offer that I personally have benefitted from and currently keep active, as it has no annual fee.  Wouldn’t suggest it if I hadn’t used    it myself.

If you are able to normally spend $1,000 over the course of 3 months, (internet, cable, cell phone, groceries, insurance, fuel, business expenses, etc.) this offer might be for you.

My link below to the offer, is a referral link for me, I do benefit if you use my link.  Thanks.

What do I do with Membership Rewards Poins?

Best use, flexible transfer to airlines.  This is how I garnered international first class airline tickets.  Many other uses as well.

Here is a link from an expert I frequently use with more information on the benefit of Membership Rewards.


Many of you know that Sarah and I have traveled frequently over the past 7 years.  Hawaii, Israel, Boston, Oregon, Orlando, New Orleans, etc.  Some of you also know that we have paid close to nothing for airfare, and even flew to Hawaii and Israel in Business Class.

Frequently, our accommodations have also been at no cost.  9 days in Orlando, with hotel breakfast and dinner, no cost.  By managing not just how much we spend, but HOW we spend, has enabled us to accomplish this.

We utilize offers from credit card companies, that reward with a huge bonus for spending a certain amount within a certain period of time.  I pay no interest charges, no late fees, and very rarely pay an annual fee, unless the benefit of the fee is financially worthwhile to me.

If you can stay on top of details, keep track of dates, pay your bills in full and on time, and if you are already spending enough to meet the requirements, this could be a helpful hobby for you, as it has for me.

If not, please move along.  It won’t be worth your time, and could end up hindering you financially.

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