Yesterday for Father’s Day I got a new pair of running socks.  I know, this is laughable to most, but hear me out.  I wanted them.  They were on my Amazon wish list. There are no normal ordinary socks.  These are a replacement pair for a pair of socks I’ve […]

My running socks are amazing. Like 2,000 miles no ...

Ever since I heard of another minister (Terry Yancey) going out on a combine in during wheat harvest I looked forward to the opportunity. Getting good a better idea of what it means when Jesus, the Lord of the Harvest, says,  “look unto the fields, they are ripe for harvest, […]

Harvest Time

In June my wife and I celebrate 13 years of ministry in Pittsburg at Family Life.  It’s been amazing.  Effective.  Fun.  But tiring.  Draining actually. The stats on pastoral burn out are insane. After 9 years here our Board instituted a simple sabbatical policy, one month off after 2 years […]

Mark and Sarah start Sabbatical